Trauma and the Holidays
05. December 2019
The holidays can present lots of unique challenges; and for those with histories of trauma, navigating those challenges can be particularly difficult. Read on for suggestions on how to make it a little easier

The Value of Distractions
07. November 2019
Taking solace in a positive distraction can be a useful coping mechanism for many people. Here's how you can engage in distractions in a constructive way.

How to Practice Holiday Self-Care
08. October 2019
It's easy to get overwhelmed around the holidays, but a little self-care could make a big difference for your wellbeing. Here are some of the ways to take care of yourself this holiday season.

Honouring our Responses to Trauma
16. September 2019
Trauma may result from a one-time event or ongoing experiences. However it arises, it's important that we understand and honour individual responses to trauma.

28. August 2019
Times of change can lead to many conflicting emotions, potentially exacerbating feelings of anxiety or self-doubt. Here's how to go about coping during these times of stress.

Coping with Climate Anxiety
08. May 2019
If you've been feeling overwhelmed by thoughts of climate change, you're not alone. Continue reading for suggestions on how to cope with anxious thoughts and navigate feelings of climate grief.

How to Be a Mindful Listener
11. February 2019
Being a good listener means more than just hearing another person talk. Here's how mindful listening can help you better understand and relate to others.

Thinking about Thinking
03. January 2019
Worrying is natural but too much can be distracting and unhelpful. Here's how mindfulness can help us overcome a tendency to worry.

What is mindfulness, anyway?
05. December 2018
What is mindfulness? It's a way of being, of thinking, of living fully in the present moment. Here's a look at some of the benefits it can bring.